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Working Mothers Upskilling #Workearly

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Working Mothers Upskilling: Workearly's initiative gives prominence to companies supporting working mothers and actively contributing to their professional growth.

#Working Mothers

Workearly's main concern is to provide employees with the chance to upgrade their professional skills through flexible personalized training plans which allow them to combine their professional growth with more quality time with their family.

With deep respect and admiration towards the tough mission of today's working mothers, Workearly has created the "Working Mothers Upskilling" initiative. 

What does the participation to the initiative offer to your company?

  • Upskilling

We recommend at least 3 of the participants to be working mothers.

  • Representation of your company in the introductory Webinar

At the opening session, an employee of your company will have the chance to address the Webinar and summarize the reason why your company is participating in the initiative "Working Mothers Upskilling".

  • Social media endorsement

Upon completion of the program, our company in cooperation with prominent media will publish an article about the companies participating in the initiative.

What does the training include?

  • 100% customized and remote training plan

  • Continuous interaction with every employee, supervision and evaluation of their progress through small targets (microlearning)

  • E-learning

  • Video courses


  • Αssignments / Projects

  • Tests / Online Evaluations


  • Daily support by our professionals who answer any questions promptly


  • Certification of participation

Which are the areas of education?

Workearly provides professionals of any department of your company (e.g. HR, Marketing, IT, Sales) with a wide list of training programs in the area of IT, Data Analytics, Marketing, HR, Management and Business Analysis.

Which are the available training programs?:

  • HR & HR Analytics

  • Business Analysis & Management

  • Project Management

  • Digital Marketing & Marketing Data Analysis

  • Financial Analysis & Data Analysis for Finance

  • Risk Analysis

  • Payroll

  • Data Science

  • Business intelligence

  • Cybersecurity & Networking

  • Web Development

  • Web Design

  • Database Administration

  • Healthcare Data Analysis

  • Desktop IT Support

  • Advanced Reporting with Excel

  • QA - Software Testing

  • Agile Scrum Master Training


  • The training program is entirely flexible and adjustable to the time available by the employee. There is also the possibility to make dynamic changes while the program is in progress.

  • The ultimate time of completion is 4 months.


  • Step 1
    You choose your employees who wish to participate in one or more training programs.

  • Step 2 
    We receive from you the list of employees wishing to participate in the customized training programs.

  • Step 3
    We schedule one-to-one sessions with every employee to understand their needs and goals and inform them about the available programs.

  • Step 4
    Together with the employee, we shape their personalized training plan.


  • Upskilling of your company's human resources

  • Participation in an initiative aiming at supporting family life and promoting balance between work and personal time


  • Giving your employees the incentives to advance their careers

  • Your employees feel satisfied & complete.


#Working Mothers Upskilling

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  • Τhe training material is exclusively adjusted to every employee's goals and needs, which means that it is entirely customized and targeted.

  • The training methodology is based on your company's structure and the skills level of your employees participating in the program.

  • Having trained more than 1,000 professionals, we guarantee the highest quality of our services.

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Participation of your company in 

Your company's participation in the initiative includes:

  • Upskilling of at least 1 employee through any training program

  • Representation of your company in the introductory Webinar

  • Inclusion of your company in the article about the companies participating in the initiative, which will be published in the media 

  • Special discount for every additional employee wishing to participate in our training programs


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